Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today the chefs had an early morning to cook everyone else food (French toast). We had to eat, and then the staff left to leave for a meeting, leaving us on the boat. We cleaned up, and we just talked. When the staff arrived in their dinghy, we lifted the anchor, and we left to the Dog Islands to go diving. When we arrived, we headed to Changes, and we set up our dive gear. The advanced divers went first, and the Vegas went after. When the advanced and Vegas were done diving, we headed back to Sambamba, and we relaxed. After relaxing for a while, Smudge started showing us the generator, engine, and bilge pumps. After Smudge showed us the boat, he let us go swimming, so everybody went swimming off the boat. After swimming off the boat, we sailed off and sailed with our jib to Guana Island, but everyone called it Iguana Island. After sailing for about 45 minutes, we anchored in Muskmelon Bay, and we had chili and rice. After an amazing dinner, we cleared up, and we got our laundry back. Then the advanced divers got their gear out of the lazarette. The advanced divers went to Changes to set up their gear and then waited for ten minutes for it to get dark, and then they dove. When they came back to the boat, everybody ate brownies and watched a movie.