Location: Marina Cay

We started our day at Marina Cay with cereal and wind. Then our staff members left for a staff meeting, so we had the boat to ourselves to prepare breakfast. Our morning was filled with chatting, a dance battle, and a game of poker. Shortly after, Davis, Justin, and Kackie returned, and we headed out to Trellis Bay, on Beef Island. After everyone reunited with their phones to call home, we gathered our belongings and headed into town. In town, we loaded up on snacks at the convenience store, had lunch, and explored. As we were starting to leave, a thunderstorm rolled in, and we headed out into the storm. When the storm passed, we put up our sails, and we practiced Man Over Board (MOB) drills. Due to high winds, MOB was not in our favor, but we all put in our best effort. Then, we motored over to Muskmelon Bay, where we were greeted by a dolphin. After showers and dinner, the evening is starting to wind down with chili and chilling as we wait for a rotation day tomorrow.