Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

As usual, we had another exciting day in the BVI. Today our vessel, Second Wind, took us to the waters surrounding the island Jost Van Dyke. We started our morning with breakfast, and then we upset our dive gear and were excited to see what awaited us at The Playgrounds. The Neptune’s and I dropped into the cool waters along with our instructor. We traversed the reefs passing by fish and plants of all different shapes and sizes. We had the opportunity to practice our natural navigation skills. Within a couple of minutes, we reached a rock wall where you could see the waves crashing above and hundreds of snappers, parrotfish, and surgeonfish. We also watched a small barracuda swim through its territory, a couple of lionfish looking for their next meal, and a moray eel hiding in a small crevasse. While we were diving, the dolphins were diving closer to the boat, working on their research projects. After thirty minutes passed, we got back on the boat, had lunch, and took a break while we sailed to the other side of the island. We had a couple of hours before our afternoon dive, so we took a swim in the shallow clear waters near our vessel. After a couple of hours, we set up our dive gear, hopped in the dinghy, and returned back to the same dive site as the morning, except we had to conduct the dive and navigate without an instructor. Despite being at the same dive site, what we saw was completely different. New fish had arrived, bringing a new array of colors to our eyes. It was another memorable experience in the BVIs.