Location: Sandy Spit

Today we slept in until about 8 am! Oatmeal was our breakfast of choice and then motored to Sandy Spit. Once we arrived, the Rescues did our last search and recovery dive, successfully retrieving an anchor and a weight belt. Once debriefed, Sam told us our rescue scenarios would start and could happen at any time. After a short break and lunch, we all geared up for a fun dive at the playgrounds when tragedy struck. Jared and I spotted a distressed diver in the water panicking because his buddies were acting weird. After a miscommunication, he descended for fear of polar bears. We quickly got ready for our first scenario and tried to execute it flawlessly. Although minor errors were made, the three divers were successfully recovered and brought back to the boat. Our feeble attempt at a rescue scenario was a great experience and has allowed us to learn a lot, and the next will be another step towards mastering our rescue skills. The playgrounds dive was very interesting, and a multitude of things were seen. This ranged from sharks to puffer fish and tarpon. Currently, it is about 5:20 pm and we are gearing up for a beach BBQ on Sandy Spit! We are all having a blast and are loving the trip! On a personal note, I love you Baboo and Daddy and genuinely think you would love it here! Family dive trip? Well back to the point, this trip has been magnificent and an experience of a lifetime! Goodbye and goodnight everybody!

Sincerely, Love of my Life!