Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a day worth sharing since it was filled with excitement. We started the day at 6:45 am when Sam woke us up to a country song to which he sang and clapped. We had french toast with Nutella and honey for breakfast. It is worth telling you that we cooked and cleaned up all by ourselves since the staff left for a meeting. As soon as they came back, we took off to the Chickuzin wreck, which is northeast of where we were. After a 2 hour long sail, we located the wreck with our GPS. Unfortunately, the site lacked a mooring ball, for which we were forced to build one ourselves. The operation resulted in a perfect mooring ball, which proved the perfect teamwork that Mary Morgan has as a boat. At about 10 am, we started gearing up for one of the best dives of our lives. We went down, and the first thing we saw was a gigantic hogfish, eating something on the bottom. Our dive was planned to go around the wreck, so we started exploring it. We saw a pair of southern stingrays bigger than a person! A bunch of barracudas could be seen in the surroundings, and two angelfish were swimming by. At the deck of the boat, there was a swim through in which we saw many fish. I’m certain that I have never seen so many fish. While heading up, we got to see a blacktip shark in the distance. After everything was set up, we lead a calm sail to Muskmelon Bay, where we will spend the night. The rescue divers got their CPR books and started studying for tonight’s exam while the Dolphins are about to dive to finish their Night Diver certification. I think that to this day we all feel that this is our home and I am sure that everyone is enjoying themselves as much as I!