Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up to Sam singing “Thank God I’m a Cowboy” with Jonny and Chris clapping along. After enjoying a breakfast of French toast that Katharine and Rodrigo made, we sailed to the Chickuzin to do a fun dive. On the wreck, we saw blacktip reef sharks, Barracuda, and massive schools of fish. Upon coming up, we ate PB&J for lunch. Then began our sail to Muskmelon Bay. On the sail over we danced and sang. Once we arrived, we started to study for our Emergency First Response test. After about an hour of studying, we washed off in the ocean, during this time we were doing flips off of the boat. After this, we were able to change into our freshly laundered clothes. Sam called us into the cockpit to start the DAN oxygen provider lecture. After the lecture, it was back to studying for the test. We were yet again called into the cockpit for dinner of rice and chili. We cleaned the boat and had our daily squeeze with our question being ‘if you could drink something to live forever, would you and why?’ Later we will be taking our test. Today was a very fun day.