Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Skipper’s log: ship date, day 12 of our 17-day journey. We were awoken to the sound of a drastically different soundtrack. Instead of the usual morning CD, Maggie, the only one with an iPod, created a playlist that everyone could agree was a refreshing change. We began the day with large bowls of cereal and headed off to La Bella Vita, a fellow ActionQuest boat. In our first rotation, we watched a documentary on the director of sail side A, Anna’s, grandparents. The boat quickly decided that with her ongoing awesomeness as well as her grandparent’s past, she has proven herself a princess. Shipmates began bowing and blaring trumpet noises the second we saw her again. Once we had finished our first rotation, it was off to our certifying open water dive. We explored the bottom and made friends with a stingray, crabs, and thousands of fish. One by one, we got out of the water, and everyone was greeted with high fives and congratulations. The rest of the day passed by in a blur. Waterskiing turned to lunch, which blended into sailing, and it seemed as if you could snap your fingers, and we were at the beach party. There was a BBQ filled with hugs and laughter. The days seem to be passing by faster now. We have no more than four full days left. Hopefully, we can make it last before heading back home to school and work. Alright, wish us luck, we are heading off again!