Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

After a rare and early night, I woke up refreshed and with music playing in my head. SO excited to go home and download the entire wake up playlist. After some good laughs around the oatmeal, we rode a rollercoaster to the playgrounds. And what a fun sail it was! Only to be followed by a great research dive. Not that studying sea urchins isn’t a thrill, but I was really glad to see that sea turtle and trunkfish, though they clearly weren’t as happy to see me. Both escaped before I could get a decent photo. Once we surfaced, I realized how hungry I was. The afternoon consisted of relaxing and swimming and casually working on our research paper. I couldn’t be gladder that my group has the same work ethic as me because we are now ahead and stress-free. It will be interesting to see what everyone else project is about when we present them to one another in a few days. Excitement builds for the BBQ tonight. We can’t wait!