Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a relaxing day which started with a late wake up in the Marina Cay. Chefs amazed us all with the french toast. Then we sailed to Muskmelon Bay. Dolphins did a research dive and Neptunes just dove for fun and to discover this awesome bay. It was our first dive without an instructor, on our own. Charlie, Will, Jake and I got lost, but we used our skills to find the boat and got there in time. Lunch was great. Dolphins and Neptunes split up after lunch. Dolphins went turtle tagging and Neptunes went on Mambo No. Five to chill with our friends there. We wakeboarded and waterskied on the flat by and that was magnificent. We had fun and Dolphins had fun too. When we learned that Mike was coming for dinner, we directly started making the boat shine. We had a great time with Mike, and after dinner, we played a game of cards which was a Lifeworks game. Then we had to set our gear up for the awesome night dive, and here I am, writing this blog, impatient for this last dive we will do all on our own!