Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we woke up to the sound of the waves (and Nazz yelling get up). We got up and ate cereal for breakfast. Since today was a rotation day, we started off learning about navigation, deviation, variation, true north vs. magnetic north, etc. After that, we went to the dive boat to set up our scuba tanks. We got into the water after we finished setting up and worked on some skills. After these were completed, we dove down to see the coral. There were many colorful fish and schools. We saw tiny fish colored with blue and yellow as well as a black and white fish about as large as your head. We swam through schools of small silverfish and took out a plastic bag and a snorkel. Once we surfaced, we headed back to our boat to eat lunch. Next, we jumped off the side of the boat and swam around, tossing around a ball. Finally, we sailed from Guana Island to Sandy Spit for a beach BBQ.