Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We started off the day with French toast made by our chefs Camilla and Wilson. Our boat was then shuttled off to dive. By finishing this dive, all of the beginner divers gained their open water certifications, and the advanced divers got their advanced open water certifications. Our next activity was learning how to make Turk’s Head bracelets and anklets, which was fun and allowed us to take a break from our action-filled day. My shipmates and I were then taken back to our boat for lunch. After lunch, we stayed on our boat and sailed Picos, my favorite activity, and also waterskiing. We finished sailing Picos and set sail for Sandy Spit. I took the helm as we raised our sails and brought us all the way to Sandy Spit for our beach BBQ. Our boat’s staff were very pleased with our sailing skills and felt so comfortable with our abilities, which led all three of them to sit at the bow while we cruised to our destination. Currently, our boat is getting prepared to go on the beach for a BBQ. It is going to be our second BBQ, and everyone is getting ready for the fun that will ensue. Today was another awesome day at ActionQuest.