Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Day 12 began with a nice bowl of cereal followed by some engine belt malfunctions. After a speedy recovery, we were off and on our way to Great Dog Island. Since Wicked Good is the dive boat, we were the first moored on the island and set up all of the diving gear on our deck. We got to dive first and saw a beautiful coral reef, an eel, some pufferfish, and tons of fish of all different colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. It was amazing! After diving, we relaxed on the boat while waiting for all of the other ActionQuest boats that had to dive to go. At around 3 pm, after jumping in the water for a swim, we started sailing over to Muskmelon Bay. The water was a bit rough, and there was plenty of wind and a cloudy sky. We arrived at Muskmelon Bay, anchored, and then jumped into the sea water to take our showers. After a very fun shower time and re-stocking our fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables, we had a great dinner of chili and rice accompanied by a gorgeous sunset! We ended our day with an informative sail chat from our skipper, Jack. I can’t wait to see what amazing sea life we’ll see at tomorrow’s dive. It amazes me how beautiful underwater life is and how diving puts us all one step closer to understanding it’s a beauty! We’ll see what great things Day 13 has in store for us!