Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we got to sleep in and had eggy bread, aka french toast for breakfast. We stayed in Marina Cay for an hour after breakfast cleanup and played cards. We motored up to Great Dog Island for 30 minutes, and we picked up a mooring ball. Since it was so windy, all of the sailboats were swinging. For five hours, we scuba dived and had a spectacular lunch of Ramen and Pringles. For the open water divers, it was their first time diving 40 feet. Everyone saw lots of coral and interesting types of fish, including parrot, angel, and cuttlefish. After the fun events, we sailed only with a jib for an hour and a half to Guana Island, where we took relaxing showers. For dinner, our amazing chefs prepared us chili and a delicious salad. Afterward, we cleaned/danced while watching a beautiful sunset. Tonight one of our shipmates, Jason, is doing a night dive while the rest of us are having a sail chat.