Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we were privileged to sleep into the latest allowed all trip: 7:30. Then we had the most relaxing morning, just chilling and hanging out until 10. Here is where the trouble began-… We were separated from our beloved second in command, Tor. She left us to go dive at a prestigious shipwreck while we sailed the treacherous seas. Our handling lines and skippering led us to nearly jibe a couple of times. This didn’t go over too well with Cap’n Nick. Then we discovered that our engine was broken. By some majestic power (and the assistance of a dinghy towing us) we were able to sail to Trellis Bay to have an hour on land. Finally, our troubles over, we sailed to Muskmelon Bay and had Tor returned to us for a nice, relaxing chili dinner. But our captain had one more challenge to overcome, a clogged head. We would all like to thank our wonderful captain for all his wonderful work.