Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We got to wake up today at 7am. So we had lovely french toast this morning made by Sarah and Ellie. Then we sailed over to our dive site and it was called the Chimneys, where the coral and plant life grow in the shape of a chimney. In my dive group there was Ellie, Jordan, Izzie, and myself. Me and Izzie were partners and she kept drifting off to look at the cool fish and rocks. We came to the boat and had Ramen noodle soup and it tasted so good! After lunch we all chilled out on the deck because we are the scuba boat so we had to wait for three other boats to scuba before we could sail again to the place we are staying the night, which is Guana Island. It was an hour and a half but we passed the time taking pictures of people on the boat. We arrived in Guana around 4:30, so we took showers and got chili and rice ready. We ate a really good chili and rice dinner and had the quote of the day and the squeeze. My squeeze question was “what is the best thing you have done here?” My answer was scuba, wakeboard, and the Pico boat sailing. Well that’s all that happened now. We should have a dive chat later. Well that’s it til tomorrow!