Location: Marina Cay

Today was a day full of sailing. We woke up at 7 am, which is late compared to when we usually wake up at 6:30. By the time we woke up, our ship had already set sail and was already heading for port. We ate a quick bowl of cereal and were already heading for port when the troubling news came- we had to clean our boat. It took us an hour and a half, but we did it. We raised our sails and were cruising smoothly when our skipper pushed off a fender, and we had to demonstrate a man overboard situation. After a few people had their turn, we set sail again. We had been cruising for 30 minutes when it was time to practice tacking and jibing. Everyone had a turn at the helm during these 4 hours. Then at 1:30, it was lunch. We did the heave to maneuver where we did a tack and did not touch any lines so that the boat would slow down. We then ate lunch while we were slowly drifting. Then we set off again and practiced tacking for about an hour until our skipper thought we were good. Then we finally set off for port as a squall emerged. At the port, we got our phones back, called our parents, and stocked up on food. After that, we got fuel and water and socialized with the boat Celestial Storm. At 6:30, we ate dinner. Overall it was a very successful day here. Everybody tried new positions in sailing.