Location: Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke

The has been a fantastic day so far. We woke up at 7 am and enjoyed a fantastic oatmeal breakfast. Once everyone finished eating, everyone got into their dive gear and jumped into the water. The divers from the Dolphin program examined symbiotic relationships to complete their underwater naturalist certification. The divers in the Neptune program worked on their fish identification certifications. Once everyone resurfaced from their dives, the Dolphins went to look for turtles to tag while the Neptune’s relaxed. Despite having no success with catching turtles, all of the Dolphins had fun looking for them. Hopefully, next time, the turtles will be in shallower water. Afterward, we all came together as a group to have soup and PB&J for lunch. Then it was back into the water where the Dolphin’s worked on their research diver certifications, and the Neptune’s explored the surrounding reef on a fun dive. We all enjoyed a relaxing afternoon sail to Jost van Dyke.