Location: Marina Cay

The mid-AQ vibes are certainly upon Tiger Pause this fine Saturday. We’ve reached the fear of leaving and the niggling wistful nostalgia of a dishwasher and a warm shower- or at least I have. But I can say that I wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world. Day 11 was kicked off by leaving Mountain Point and motor-sailing over to the Dogs over a healthy breakfast of cereal and brownies that had an extended evening in the oven post-movie night. After a bit of chill, we headed to Gemini for another beautiful Caribbean dive. Us advanced open water bros headed out in dinghies, after setting up gear with the help from the divemasters Nico and Ting Ting, to our first wreck of the trip. Although it took a few tries with the mooring balls and plenty of water splashing us, a whole group of divers headed to descend- with the students leading! I was in great fortunes because the day I decided to bring my GoPro was the day of our best dive yet. We were all full of energy, and it seemed that the life that swarmed around the sunken airplane was too. There’s nothing like swimming to the sound of your own thoughts and breaths, knowing that there’s so much beneath the surface. After we surfaced, we headed back to Tiger Pause, cleared the lines and motor-sailed over to fill up on water and then sail to Trellis Bay, where our feet brushed land once again, and I was able to enjoy a super awesome famous sandwich and some wifi to connect with my family and friends. The day is just now coming to a close back at Marina Cay, where we enjoyed a dinner of tortellini (TBT to that 1st meal!) and a nice family squeeze. Here’s to the second half of AQ commencing!