Location: Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke

Today was a perfect day! We started off with a sail to Brewer’s Bay from Muskmelon Bay. As soon as we got to Brewer’s, we did a dive at Sharks Point. Then the Dolphin’s went turtle tagging, but sadly they didn’t catch any. We saw six or seven, but they were too deep to free dive down to. After that, the Dolphin’s worked on their research projects because, after lunch, we had our first project dive at Pinnacles. On the second dive, just as we were coming up from our safety stop, a pod of eight actual dolphins swam by and checked us out for a few minutes. Taylor started screaming underwater, and his reaction to seeing dolphins was hilarious. Those who had already gotten out of the water jumped back in, and almost everyone got to see them. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life! Then we sailed to Great Harbour, where we will be spending the night. I sat in the power tower with Taylor the whole two-hour sail. He pointed out that I single handily raised and lowered the jib because I have a broken collar bone and can only use one arm. Once we anchored, we had shower time off the back of the boat while the chefs made salad and risotto for dinner. It was really good, and we are all full. Tonight we are having a Lifeworks forum with all of dive side led by Marina. It’s no surprise that today was another amazing day here at ActionQuest!