Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Our second day in Muskmelon Bay was tons of fun. It was a rotation day, so everyone’s day was super busy. We all woke up to the chefs cooking scrambled eggs and muffins. Last night it had rained so we were all sleeping on the blue lagoon (the huge bed/table inside the boat). After breakfast, the Vega’s stayed on Sambamba to go Pico sailing. The advanced divers went diving first, and the Questers went turtle tagging. Xavier caught a turtle that they named Camanoe, after the island we are next to. Mason and I went Pico sailing, and only capsized two times (much better than last time!). The advanced divers had an awesome dive this morning. They saw a barracuda! For the second rotation, the Vega’s went over to Squeakybrat to make Turk’s Heads bracelets. The Questers were still tagging turtles for the second rotation. The advanced sailors went Pico sailing and had a lot of fun. Then, we had a delicious lunch of Tuscan White Bean Soup, and actually cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time. After lunch, the Vega’s went to La Bella Vita to learn all about coral reefs. We all got our Coral Reef Conservation certifications from Catie. All we had to answer was a 15 question test at the end about how to save and protect coral reefs. While we were there, the advanced divers were making bracelets with Karl and Higgy and the Questers were sailing Picos. Last, the Vega’s went diving. We saw a shark, a stingray and a ton of barracudas. Emma’s group also took an egg down to the bottom of 40 ft and cracked it. The pressure affects the egg and makes it like a ball of play dough. We completed our PADI Open Water Certifications today!! Everyone then went back to his or her boats for a delicious dinner of Thanksgiving in summer. Today was such a fun day and I can’t wait for tomorrow!!