Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We woke up to everyone’s favorite song (Build Me Up Buttercup) and ate a yummy breakfast of eggs and muffins. Today was a rotation day so we quickly cleaned up and headed over to Sambamba to have our ship’s systems talk with Ian. We had quite some fun taking apart and rebuilding parts of the boat. Our next station was diving, where Meelz took the Carina’s on our navigation dive. Lily, Cade, Etan and I had to count our kick cycles and use our compass to navigate around the Sand Highway. Chance’s group found a spotted eagle ray, and we found a very friendly stingray. Once we surfaced we went home to Ka Ou Fe for a lunch of Tuscan white bean soup. Our third and favorite station was Pico sailing, where we continuously capsized and played last man standing. Some of the crew went wakeboarding and slalom skiing, while Camilla, Lily, Nick, Cade and I stayed back to perfect our flips off the boat. Our final station was with Linda, where we got certified in coral reef conservation. Back at Ka Ou Fe we had summer Thanksgiving with Fritz from Manic and finished our night with the squeeze question “If you could go back and relive a happy moment again, which would you choose?”