Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

How do I start? Maybe with breakfast? Why not. Today, the eleventh day here at AQ, we started off with a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs and fresh cantaloupe. Not long after sitting down to eat our breakfast, we were off to start our rotations for the day. While some of us were scuba diving to a depth of 80ft, others were learning how to tie a Turk’s Head knot or left to go Pico sailing and waterskiing. The whole morning went by in a blur, just as the whole trip so far, with each group switching rotations every two hours. By lunch, we were all famished and were greeted with delicious Tuscan white bean soup. After we finished our third round of rotations. At three, we all got back together again on the boat to learn about Project Aware and coral reef conservation. It was a very insightful discussion and opened all of our eyes to the importance and impact coral reefs have on our marine world. To finish off the day, we took quick showers, then sat down to enjoy a summer Thanksgiving, which happened to be very good. During dinner, we all shared our stories of the fun day we had experienced. Laughing and having deep conversations with not so perfect strangers turned into a family of sorts, and watching the sun as it sank into the water has never been so complete. I guess I knew exactly where to start.