Location: Marina Cay

Shipmates aboard Mahi woke up this morning to a hard rain shower. We also learned that both our water tanks were empty and needed refilling. Luckily we headed to port at Marina Cay for fuel and water. In the morning, we dove Mario’s, named after the coral that looks like toadstools from the Mario video games. This dive marked the first time Dolphin voyage shipmates dove without an instructor. Needless to say, the Dolphins tackled the task beautifully and surfaced without a scratch. Meanwhile, Neptune divers practiced their deep diving skills and were videotaped by Craig. On the way to Marina Cay, we snacked no tuna sandwiches and goldfish. We sang Disney songs until shore time at Trellis Bay. Upon entering the bay, we were able to shop for handcrafted bracelets and BVI t-shirts. The more adventurous among us walked to the airport for some Gelato. We were also able to call friends and family. After a pasta dinner, the entire program headed to shore for a Lifeworks session with Mike. Even throughout our busy and eventful day, we had plenty of time for tanning, talking, and relaxing. The voyage is halfway over, but the fun times just keep coming!