Location: Great Harbor Jost, Jost Van Dyke

Today was very exciting in that it was our first research dive! Beforehand, we had woken up to some delicious eggs, and we had done an individual navigation dive. The research dive was fantastic, and all of us gathered copious amounts of data for our research project. After the research dive, we wrote down our data and proceeded onto an amazing white bean soup lunch. Despite the fact that the food was spectacular, we finished it hastily in order to start our next activity: turtle tagging! After lunch clean up was done, we hopped into the dinghy, and we were towed around while we searched for turtles. On our second circle through, I spotted a small Hawksbill and Kate pursued. She almost got it, but the turtle sped off into the depths of the ocean. No turtles tagged today, maybe another time. Tonight we have another Lifeworks forum, so we have that to look forward to! Also, Thanksgiving dinner was delicious!