Location: Marina Cay

Up and early, we wake to the smell of delicious pancakes. After our great breakfast, we set up our dive gear and jumped into the cool, blue water for our wreck dive of the day. Today we dove the Fearless, Jacques Cousteau’s sister ship. My dive buddy for the day, Hugh, swam with me in and around the sunken ship. We saw many cool fish and plant life growing on the ship. After our dive, we took our freshwater showers and headed to Road Town to spend some time ashore. My friends and I went and ate some tasty Chinese food, then Hugh, Jordan, Heather, and I went and ate some amazing Gelato ice cream. After a few hours ashore, we climbed back aboard our lovely boat, Mary Morgan, and set off to Marina Cay. On the sail over, I took a nice nap. While I was snoozing, all of my shipmates had fun on the bow of the boat playing games and getting to know each other even more than we already have. Tonight we have our Lifeworks program with the director of AQ, Mike, and the whole AQ fleet. I’m excited for what it will be like this year and to reconnect with my sail side friends. In conclusion, today has been yet another fun day with all of my friends here on the Rescue program. I’m looking forward to many more!