Location: Marina Cay

Today was both relaxing and entertaining. We began our morning with a much-needed sleep in (the first of our trip actually). We filled our bellies with some cold cereal and deliciously fresh fruit. The divemasters of the boat then got to participate in “discover local diving.” We practiced our skills of dive briefing and leading while orienting each other with the local environment. The divers being led were given liberty to create problems for the divemasters leading. These problems included flooded masks, running away, and creating havoc in general. Everyone involved burned through the air as they laughed hysterically. Corinna played a major part during the dive as she sat surface and made sure we were okay. We then had a delicious meal of grilled cheese as we sailed to the Chimneys. Once we were there, the Carina’s were able to go on a fun dive at the beautiful site. While they did this, the divemasters had a short fun dive of our own. Everyone enjoyed the gorgeous dives. We then pulled up anchor and sailed on over to Marina Cay. Here we were able to go on shore, get some ice cream, and connect with our loved ones. After this, we had a filling meal of tortellini and garlic bread made by our lovely chefs. We ended the day with a moving experience from the Lifeworks forum. I’m positive that everyone on Squeaky made memories today that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.