Location: Marina Cay

The divemaster candidates awoke bright and early at 6 am to go and help sail side B with diving. The other shipmates got the opportunity to sleep in and enjoy their cereal in leisure. They got the opportunity to sail and practice navigation. The DMs got to lead dives and snorkels and sharpen their skills. Tank runs needed to be down all day to get more new open water and advanced divers to explore the Dogs dive site. After our long sail and dive day, we got some more water as a playful dolphin saw around our anchor line and gave us ample opportunity to take great pictures. We also got to go ashore and have a quick snack and phone time to call all of our lovely parents who sent us here. And if they didn’t call you, I apologize. To end a perfect day in paradise, we have a Lifeworks Forum and the infamous tape. Comfy monohull beds and tea await us.