Location: Marina Cay

Today was a great day in the British Virgin Islands. We started off the day with a fantastic breakfast of pancakes with lots of syrup. After cleanup, the members of Spindrfit II pulled up both of the sails, the main sail and the jib. We took an hour and a half sail that was full of five foot swells over to Ginger Island. At Ginger Island everyone assembled their scuba gear and threw it on. After the dive briefing everyone hopped into he water and hopped into the water and descended 65 feet into the beautiful reef. We saw a lot of marine life, including a three foot Caribbean Reef Shark, a huge lobster and a lion-fish. Everyone ascended after a fun filled 35 minute dive. Once all of the members of Spindrift II where on the boat we motored over to Marina Cay. At Marina Cay we filled up on fuel and water. Following the visit to scenic Marina Cay we went to Trellis Bay on Tortola. In Trellis Bay we anchored the boat and jumped onto the dinghy, that took us ashore. In Trellis Bay all the shipmates enjoyed delicious food from the restaurant and visited various shops. This day was incredible because the entire grew closer as we spent time together ashore. After shore time concluded we ate dinner on the boat, which consisted of tortellini. It was an amazing day for all of the shipmates on Spindrift II as we enjoyed the beautiful British Virgin Islands.