Location: Marina Cay

We started the day with pancakes and pink lemonade. When the other boats arrived, we started diving. I dove third rotation, and we went 30 ft. deep. I saw an octopus and a lot of cool fish. We had noodles for lunch, and they were delicious. Then the Barracudas dove again, going 30 meters. We saw a massive lionfish. After the dive, we put the gear away, filled the water tanks, and had a bit of shore time. Then we got our phones and rang home. We collected food and started dinner. Dinner consisted of tortellini and marinara sauce. After dinner, we cleaned the dishes and plates. The cockpit was cleaned. We got our dirty sheets and pillowcases and covers ready for changing, and now we are getting ready for Lifeworks, where we are listening to a tape onshore with all the boats.