Location: Great Harbor Jost, Jost Van Dyke

This morning, as usual, we quietly arose from sleep to a breakfast of cereal before our fish identification dive. It was the second time we got to use cameras, but the first time with a strobe (a large flash). One group saw a squid, the coolest thing my group saw was a trunkfish After we surfaced, we threw our PFDs on and set sail to another dive site, We utilized this dive for our projects. This spot consisted of huge rock structures, which created many swim-throughs. My research group collected data but at the same time, explored the unique underwater environment. After that dive, we had chicken salad sandwiches and traveled for a beautiful bay, where we got our laundry (awesome), showered, swam, and hung out. Later on our chefs Maddie and Mariel cooked us a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We are now cleaning up as I am finishing up this blog. We have a Lifeworks forum later tonight, other than that you are filled in. We are having a wonderful time!