Location: Marina Cay

This trip has been amazing! I have learned a lot, as well as seen a lot of new things. I’ve met a lot of cool people on my boat. The staff on board are crazy fun. Today they set up a rope swing off of the boom with a tow rope! It was so fun! After we finished with that, I looked under the boat and saw three stingrays swim under, pretty cool to see! I’ve seen lots of cool sea creatures on this trip, even a dolphin on the way to Anegada! I have mixed feelings about this trip being half over because I am going to miss this wonderful place and all the great people, but I am very excited to see my family at home! I was able to call them today just after lunch, which was nice. Being skipper for the first time today was such a thrill! It was so windy the rail of the boat was almost in the water! The seas down here throw way bigger waves at you than they do at home! I love it! I got a video of one coming over the bow! So as you can tell I’m having a blast down here and I highly recommend this trip! Thanks for reading!