Location: Marina Cay

This morning in the British Virgin Islands was started with the song The Circle of Life and a nutritious meal of cereal and fruit. After cleanup and 40/40 check, we were underway with a quick motor from Mountain Point to George Dog. We were the second group to start the dive rotation and go down 40 feet and complete our second open water dive. While we were underwater with Wondy, we saw some awesome trunkfish and played around while flipping and blowing Os underwater. As we surfaced, everyone was buzzing about how cool the dive was and how close we were to being certified. However, that was quickly ended with the news that we would be extensively cleaning the boat. We scrubbed down everything from the heads to the dinghies, and everything in between. For some reason, it was the day with the least amount of activities and the most exhaustion from the crew. We then motored from George Dog to Marina Cay, where we replenished our water tanks and fueled the dinghies before anchoring for the night. After a delicious tortellini dinner, we are doing a final cleanup before heading to Lifeworks with the entire fleet. The question for the squeeze tonight was, “what is the most interesting/exciting thing you’ve ever done in your life?” Rossi out!