Location: Marina Cay

Today I woke up to some great music and the smell of freshly cooked pancakes (best way to start a day). After changing into wind-dried swimming trunks and eating said delicious pancakes, we were ready to set sail. As skipper, it was finally my turn to be at the helm. As the strong winds filled the sails, we were on our way to Ginger Island under the radiant sun. It was amazing. The wind both propelling us and cooling us with its soft cool touch took us all the way to Ginger Island without the need for motors. We hit the record speed of the first session (8.3 knots). Once we were anchored and set for diving, we started going in as buddy teams. We were basically on our own for the second time now. We did great! We used the skills they taught us for navigating underwater through natural navigation and compass navigation. We saw a blacktip shark and a nurse shark as well as two turtles. We had no trouble finding the boat and ascended doing a safety stop. Then on our way to the Island where we would eat, I took a power nap, really needed it. On the island, I had the most epic sandwich ever. It is actually called “the amazing sandwich.” Now we are back on the boat and are doing a Lifeworks forum after dinner tonight.