Location: Marina Cay

Today we had an early morning wake up to an hour sail to Road Town from GHP. There we all divided to hunt secure WiFi, food and call our parents. The sail back was one of the first times I’ve ever driven a sail cat. Though I struggled at first, it turned into an exciting challenge. The weight of being skipper, in charge of all boat operations and driving, carries the responsibility of all 14 people who live on Mary Mo. The power of controlling the boat was exhilarating, and with Sam’s guidance, Meg’s support and Mike’s humor, extremely enjoyable and rewarding. After anchoring, we all divided into buddy teams and dived Mario’s. My dive buddy Gaby and I saw a stingray, lots of trumpet fish and parrotfish, and amazing coral. It was beautiful. We surfaced to Ella playing Trumpets by Jason Derulo, and the entire boat broke out into a mad dance party. Now we are in Marina Cay and just finishing up dinner and are about to head over to a whole program Lifeworks. It’ll be exciting and super mind-opening as are all Lifeworks talks. Another perfect day in paradise with my extended family. Somehow every day, I fall more in love with this place and its beautiful people.