Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Hello, family and friends. Today the crew of Rossi had a tremendous day. The morning began with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and muffins. In high spirits, we left the boat to do our first activity of the day, making Turk’s Head anklets/bracelets. The shipmates happily took on the task of creating beautiful and complicated knots with their friends. Next, we were prepped for our deepest dive yet, 60ft. We know how to set up the dive blindfolded, thanks to the great training we received. Then we swam down into another world. We had been on magical dives before. Quin, our diving instructor, said this dive was one of his favorites. The students reached their maximum depth. We reached our depth, and below it was an abyss clouded by torrent dust, making the underwater world even more mysterious. Afterward, we had a lunch of soup. We then went skiing and sailed small boats. Then we learned about coral reefs and coral conservation, and got our PADI Coral Conservation specialty! We then had a filling dinner of mini Thanksgiving, and after the evening program, let the boat rock us to sleep in the beautiful Caribbean.