Location: Marina Cay

On June 25th, the shipmates woke up bright and early and set sail. Before we set out for the high seas, we ate oatmeal and then cleaned our dishes. When we started sailing, everyone practiced man overboard drills and sailing circles so we would know what to do for our sailing exam. We finally came to Trellis Bay. Everyone walked around, ate lunch together, and bought snacks for the boat. We anchored in the anchorage near the town soon after. We filled the boat with freshwater and bought a few more things at the store there. We ate tortellini and garlic bread for dinner. Now everyone is cleaning the dishes from dinner. After cleanup, we are going to shore to listen to a Lifeworks talk led by Mike. The Lifeworks talks are always very interesting and really get you thinking. All in all, today was an amazing day, just like the others.