Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today the crew of Sambamba woke up to a simple, yet filling, bowl of cereal and fruit. After we cleaned the cockpit and washed the dishes, we started our rotation day. Sambamba started off Pico sailing and kneeboarding. I sailed the Pico alone, looking for a challenge. It was pretty annoying that the wind kept changing. I sailed back to Ka Ou Fe to drop off the Pico and found an open spot to go kneeboarding. It was awesome to go kneeboarding and do some 360’s and ride backward, almost looking like a pro. For our third rotation, Ruth gave us an interesting talk bout basically how the boat works, like the different systems… the engine system, the electrical system… I was surprised about how little I knew about our boat. We took a break for white bean soup. After we filled our tummies, it was diving time! I completed my third open water dive. When we hopped into the water, we were welcomed with a stingray and eel. It was awesome to go deep and see them up close. As we finished putting away our dive gear, Big Blue pulled around to the dive boat and gave the shipmates a joyride. Man, that boat can go fast! Torin then gave us a tour around the bird colony around the corner of Muskmelon Bay. After we went up close to a little cave carved out by many years of weathering. We rode back to Sambamba, and Chance taught us about coral and how it’s important to the environment and the fish that thrive off of it. I was surprised by some of the statistics he relayed to us. We showered and got ready for our special guest for dinner, Mike, the director. We had our summertime Thanksgiving, cleaned up, squeezed, and had a Lifeworks Forum after dinner.