Location: Marina Cay

Today I woke up on the galley island, and it wasn’t bad at all. Anyways we woke up and motored to the Dogs, or how our captain Eli calls it, “Los Perros.” Since it was morning most of the crew was talking up on deck or sleeping in the salon. We got to the Dogs and headed straight to Great Dog, where the Vegas and Carinas went scuba diving in open water. It was an amazing dive, and we saw all kinds of fish and some hermit crabs. The Vegas got to the bottom which are Mason, Henry, Julie, and I. Well, at least that is my group. Our other group is Ralph, Zach, Diana, Sarah, and Lia. The advance divers, which are Frankie, Giacomo, and Carly had a naturalist dive, but as you know, Carly couldn’t. In the end, we all had a nice dive. After that, we headed to Marina Cay, where we all got to hang out on shore for a while. After a delicious tortellini dinner, we are now headed to a Lifeworks forum for the night.