Location: Marina Cay

Last night a huge storm came through, so we all slept down below. We woke up fairly early because we were all in close quarters. We had cereal and melon for a quick breakfast. We left Mountain Point and headed to Trellis Bay for some shore time. On the way, we had sail training in two groups. There were six different stations, including being on the helm, the port jib sheet, the main sheet winch, main sheet tail, and being a jib floating. In each rotation, we did a tack and a jibe. Once we arrived at Trellis Bay, we got our phones and money and had some shore time. We ate lunch, and then at 1:45, we met outside a grocery store to do some community service. Our boat and Tropical Oasis assisted in moving wood and other trash into a dumpster and then did a beach cleanup. It was crazy to see the amount of debris that remained from Hurricane Irma. After finishing up our work with an overflowing dumpster, we returned to Bavastro. We then motored over to Marina Cay, where we watered and anchored for the night. For dinner, we are having tortellini, garlic bread, and salad. After dinner, we will have our second Lifeworks Forum!