Location: Marina Cay

First, we woke up at about 7:11 am. We woke up to country music, and it was kinda nice. Then Nylagh and Makenzie started to make eggs and banana nut muffins as we ate we kinda maybe fed the birds. Next, we sailed from Mountain Point to Marina Cay and filled up with water and gas and then headed over to Trellis to go have a nice meal on land then help out around the town. We all split up to do different things that would help in any way. Our boat got assigned the sargassum, and it was smelly and had a lot of interesting things in it from crabs to plastic, and Kenobi was a beast at picking up the most he could. From endless loads of sargassum to cleaning up debris. It was a fun day, and we helped out a lot of people. Next, we came back to the boat and were on the bow taking pictures and looked over to an eagle ray jumping 5 feet out of the water. Then we came back to Marina Cay for dinner and more laughs like every night. The day was a good one. I feel we made an impact today, and it’s a good feeling. I love this trip; it’s life-changing. Then we ended up with the deepest question of mine and ended the night thinking of things we are grateful for and thinking about each of our lives.