Location: Marina Cay

Although it was a calm day there was nothing relaxing about it. The day started with a quick breakfast before we hopped on the dinghy and headed to Portlandia where we would spend the morning playing cards and swim while they dove off of Curls. Around two hours later Gwen picked us up with a surprise, a clean cabin. While we were goofing around Gwen had been scrubbing on her hands and knees cleaning up our mess. We got back to our boat everyone pitched in and cleaned their room. When there was not even a speck of dirt to be found we settled down and started watching a movie. We stopped the movie halfway through and prepared the table set for quesadillas with chicken for a fun twist. We ate quickly and prepared our gear for our second underwater naturalist dive, where we looked for different relationships between organisms. Our dive lasted 30 minutes with a maximum depth of 40 feet. Once we surfaced we began preparing for our second dive. Because the second dive was a fun dive, therefore it wasn’t required, some people stayed behind and sat on the deck through the intermittent drizzle that immersed us during the day. When the divers returned we packed up our things and left the dive site, meeting the rest of the boats at the anchorage. While underway we enjoyed refreshing freshwater showers that left everyone feeling squeaky clean. We arrived at the anchorage just in time for dinner where we enjoyed tortellini and red sauce that warmed our stomachs. Now we are finishing our dishes and getting ready to go to our second Lifeworks forum. All in all, it was a good day- simple, relaxing, and calm.