Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today’s morning clicked well. Time was a bit short, but I feel like we handled it quite appropriately. Cleanup usually takes about half an hour, which was the same amount of time we had to leave for the first rotation. We managed to finish eating and get ready to leave just a minute later than that. Our usual first rotation, watersports, was exciting as always. The shipmates were a little less enthusiastic about it than other days, but taking the Picos out was entertaining. The curved shape of our surroundings shifted the wind in odd directions. It made sailing a bit more challenging than usual. After those shenanigans, we made Turk’s Head anklets and bracelets with a single thread weave. Most of the students got it, and some gave up. Those who did finish wound up with a great looking accessory that they can keep for as long as they like. Lunch was equally as tight on time, and we handled it equally as well. Afterward, we hopped on the dinghies and headed over to snorkel and scuba dive. Personally, I was kind of sad that I couldn’t go (equalizing problems), and I heard nothing but good things about the dive. It seems the group had a lot of fun goofing around in the weightless environment. When everyone had surfaced and returned to the ship, we had a bit of a coral reef chat. We learned about Project Aware and all of its goals. We also learned about the implications and effects of damaging the reefs. The day wasn’t all that special though, in its own way it was quite charming.