Location: Marina Cay

This morning was super active; before any of us DMs and Vegas were awake, our awesome skipper and first mate had already raised the anchor and set out to the Dogs- in other words, our dive destination. We had a quick breakfast of cereal underway and then swiftly began to set up for the first dive rotation. The DMs organizational skills, having flourished throughout the past 11 days, lead to a beautiful display of all the dive gear, if we do say so ourselves (although that may also be because Jake and Ivan, an instructor from Bella, were helping). The first dive rotation began with the Vegas getting in the water with the instructors, plus Maddy and John, who were assisting. In the meantime, the rest of the DMs and I went on a snorkel to suss out the dive conditions: we identified natural markers in the hope that when we lead dives later that we wouldn’t get lost (which totally paid off on my dive with Ivan, yay!). When snorkeling, however, we also discovered there was a ton of jellyfish. They were small and not dangerous. Luckily Alex and Meg managed to identify that the current was pushing them to the far right, so we were able to relay this back to Zourite, allowing the instructors to redirect their dives and enabled a far more enjoyable experience for the new divers. Dive rotations finished by lunch and directly after we headed towards Marina Cay. The motor to Marina Cay was really relaxing in contrast to the busy morning, and I was especially happy to take the helm. We arrived about an hour ago and are currently waiting to go to Lifeworks after dinner.