Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

At about 6:40 am, it was out of bed and into the cockpit for breakfast. At 8 am, the Vega’s learned how to make Turk’s Heads knot bracelets, Carina’s went for a dive and Quest set off for their second round of turtle tagging. At 12, we had an hour to all catch up on the boat. Quest caught and tagged a turtle. The Carina’s saw a stingray and a shark on their dive, and Vega’s showed off their new bracelets/anklets. After lunch, the Vegas completed their certifying dive! Quest went to EFR practice. Everyone rotated through Pico sailing, a coral reef conservation lesson, and bracelets throughout the day. We came home to Squeaky for a Thanksgiving dinner. We had a Lifeworks Forum and hung out on deck until everyone was too tired.