Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up and had cereal. After breakfast, we pulled up the anchor and sailed to the Dog Islands. We went diving. The dive was awesome- we saw an octopus and a porcupine fish. This was also my favorite part of the day. After the dive, we had Ramen noodles for lunch. It was delicious. While we were diving Gordo and Annie were cleaning the boat and also made cookies. This was amazing. Then we raised our sails and headed to Marina Cay. On route, Gordo surprised us with a man overboard drill which was a success. Later, we arrived at Marina Cay and filled up our water tanks and got fresh food. Our docking was the best in the fleet. After that, we picked up a mooring ball and made dinner; it was tortellini. It was awesome. Tonight we have the Lifeworks forum.