Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was another busy rotation day in Muskmelon Bay. After a fantabulous breakfast consisting of cereal and milk, we headed to each boat throughout the rest of the day. Making bracelets and waterskiing were just a few of the activities. I became an expert Pico pilot, manning the mini sailboat all by myself, and reaching speeds of about mach five. The best part, however, was our third open water scuba dive! The open sandy bottom of the bay became a battlefield as everyone participated in a “ninja showdown” taking off fins and putting them on their hands. Many flips and handstands were performed 40 feet below the surface. Olivier was especially excited to see a flounder for the first time. We all had to look out for the jellyfish that floated into the bay. A few people were stung, but everyone is fine and dandy now. Afterward, Mike came over for a dinner of tomato stroganoff and shared his thoughts on life before returning to his boat. As we all gaze up at the stars now, we can’t wait to sail over to a tiny deserted island tomorrow, much like the one in Spongebob. There we will throw down the biggest BBQ that ever hit the BVI.