Location: Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke

Today I awoke to the ominous sound of eggs being scrambled, I was star-fished out on the blue lagoon taking up every inch of space that I could, so I knew it was going to be a sublime day. I sat up and stretched, looked to my left, and saw Michael squished into the corner of the blue lagoon, another sign that I was well rested. The sail to Brewer’s Bay at 8:00 am went swimmingly…I was steering so what could go wrong? We anchored there, and the Rescue’s practiced elevating each other’s limp bodies out of the ocean blue. We then went on a fun dive, where some of us meditated soundly in the abyss of the Shark Point caves. There’s absolutely nothing like calmly floating there while the cave seduces you softly. After the dives we sailed to Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke, it was an Olympic sail. I was steering, everyone watched in awe as the tip of the boat glided into and over the waves, we came pretty close to Blue Venture, but our vessel pulled out gracefully and away from the other boat. We then showered, and I attempted my newest feat…the backflip. The first try was a dream, almost slow motion as I flopped my spine onto the icy waters. I tried again gliding through the air like a baby Pegasus. Then we ate dinner, which leads to where I lay now, writing this blog. It was a great day, and I hope you feel the same way.