Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Rescue: We woke up this morning to start our laundry collection. After we had breakfast burritos, then we immediately went into dive prep for Rescue 6 which is surfacing an unresponsive diver underwater. After these skills, we went into exercise 7. This was the hardest skill we have learned so far. We had to tow a nonresponsive, nonbreathing diver to the stern of the boat while removing gear and giving rescue breathes. We all took turns being the victim and the rescuer. We had a break for lunch and then went back to practicing right after. We also got the chance to work with VISAR on one of their extremely awesome scenarios. They answered our questions and even gave us a joyride! Of course, that ended up being everyone’s favorite part of the day!

Dolphin: We started the day off with laundry and breakfast burritos! Samara, David and I went to another boat to work on our underwater research skills in the water where we recorded the number of sea urchins we saw in a 100ft area (73!). After we ate lunch, we moved the boat to the other side of the anchorage for our next dive. During the move, we saw two dolphins and a sea turtle, which was amazing! We then had our second underwater photography, where we took pictures of the reef and its organisms. We then had a lecture and a dissection of a squid. Finally, we returned to the boat to have dinner and a joyride!

P.S. Hi Mom and Dad!