Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a great day for diving, especially for the Neptunes. We woke up late, and our day had a fast start as we scrambled to collect our outgoing laundry, but it was smooth sailing after that. We soon split as the Dolphins arrived at Spindrift, and the Neptunes went to Surprise for our deep/wreck dive. We practiced deep-diving while mapping the wreck in great detail. We saw a lot of reef fishes. However, one species was most notable; this was the Sargent Major. It’s a small oval reef fish, and we saw one in the middle of incubating its eggs. There was a wrasse, and we learned that the males could change color from black to orange to purple. On our second dive on the same site, we faced additional challenges; We had to find our own way to the wreck and monitor our own air, depth, and time. We also learned about nitrogen narcosis, which is when too much nitrogen enters the body. Overall it was a great day, and dinner was Summer Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful.