Location: Nevis

We started off the day bright and early. After watching the chef, Billy, accidentally mess up on the pancake mix and Griff cook different shapes in the pancakes we all got ready to go on our adventures. The longest dinghy ride ever and the shorter taxi ride took us to our destinations. The girls escorted by Alex were dropped off at horseback riding. We all got a horse and saddled up and were on our way. The views were amazing and I forgot to reapply sunscreen so I have some nice tan lines now. The boys were dropped off at the start of the bike trail. The trail was mostly up hill so there legs hurt and are sore now. They said they had lots of fun. We all met up later to have some nice lunch. After the long dingy ride back the boats we decided to take our showers and get ready to go to the sail lesson. The final lesson was good and we have our test soon. Then we had a great dinner made mostly by Brittany. Then I had to clean dishes, which wasn’t so bad and now we are getting ready for the big day tomorrow. Overall, the rides were great.